Traveling Water Screens

CET manufactures the metal mesh panels used in traveling water screen systems.

Power plants must filter the water drawn from rivers or other natural sources for use in their cooling tower systems.  Traveling Water Screens are mechanical filter systems that block and collect large debris. These systems prevent damage to pumps and other sensitive equipment.

CET Traveling Water Screens mechanically collect and convey debris out of intake water.  The debris is typically collected in a hopper or waste pile.  A variety of alloys and materials are used to maximize screen longevity and performance.

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    • Whether filtering water or air streams, CET has the alloys and materials, mesh patterns, and mechanical systems to develop the optimal, plant-specific solution.


    • Power plants must be more efficient and cost-conscious than ever due to regulatory pressures. CET has over 40 years of industry experience to help keep your plant running smoothly.

    • CET works directly with wastewater treatment plants, utilities, and manufacturers to develop material handling and filtration solutions. CET also works with OEMs to design and implement various process solutions.