LPA Screens

LPA Screens from CET help extend the life of SCRs.

Protecting SCRs (selective catalytic reduction systems) at coal-fired power plants is critically important.  SCRs must operate reliably and consistently to ensure emissions compliance.  Large particle ash, also known as “popcorn ash,” can clog SCRs and cause them to operate ineffectively.

LPA Screens from CET protect SCRs from damaging ash.  These static, rigid systems are designed to withstand high heat and velocity. 

CET has been supplying Large Particle Ash (LPA) Screens to the power industry for over 40 years.  We offer ash analysis to determine the best alloys and materials to use for each specific plant and boiler.  CET coordinates delivery of LPA Screens with asset management companies or directly with plant personnel.  Accelerated lead times and rush shipments are available.

LPA Screens are known by many different names within the industry.  If you use any of the following, CET can provide you with an LPA Screen that is designed specifically for your plant.

  • Popcorn screens
  • Economizer screens
  • Perforated sheets
  • Corrugated / perforated panels
  • Pleated panels
  • Wedge wire
  • Flat panel
  • Wire cloth

Contact us to request an online quote.  CET will help you identify the right LPA Screen solution for your plant.



    • Ash handling requires a specific type of material handling expertise. CET offers ash analysis to determine the best alloys and materials for custom engineered solutions. Mechanical systems with automated cleaning and passive screening systems are both available depending on specific plant needs.

    • Whether filtering water or air streams, CET has the alloys and materials, mesh patterns, and mechanical systems to develop the optimal, plant-specific solution.

    • Capturing and removing particulates is one of CET’s core competencies. Whether to achieve regulatory emissions compliance or to eliminate process problems caused by buildup, CET creates custom systems to help energy producers and manufacturers keep their plants running smoothly.


    • Power plants must be more efficient and cost-conscious than ever due to regulatory pressures. CET has over 40 years of industry experience to help keep your plant running smoothly.