CET chain-drive metal mesh belt

CET Belt and Sprocket system for Solar Cell Production 

CET provides ash analysis to determine the best conveyor material

With decades of conveyor and material handling experience, CET excels at designing, building, and installing custom conveyor solutions for a wide variety of industries and processes. 

CET conveyors do more than just move material from point A to point B.  They elevate and de-elevate materials, make complicated turns in tight manufacturing spaces, and help prepare materials for downstream processing.  CET conveyors are designed to avoid packing, clogging, and other problems commonly associated with the movement of bulk materials.

The alloys and materials that CET uses in its conveyors and belt systems are designed to withstand extreme manufacturing conditions.  CET has designed conveyors and grate systems for biomass gasifiers that reach temperatures upwards of 1500˚F.  CET conveyors can also withstand highly abrasive and corrosive materials and extreme manufacturing environments.

The ruggedness and flexibility of CET’s conveyor systems have led to industry-leading expertise in the area of ash handling. CET offers ash analysis as part of our conveyor design process. 

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    • Biomass energy systems utilize waste streams and agricultural residues to reduce energy costs. CET leverages a portfolio of best-in-class energy technologies and its own leading emissions control equipment to custom-design complete energy systems.

    • CET has been providing material handling solutions to manufacturers from dozens of industries for over 100 years. CET systems avoid the packing, clogging, and build-up that can be common with difficult feedstocks and materials.

    • CET offers custom engineered systems for a wide variety of manufacturing and production customers. If any type of equipment, including heat exchangers, pumps, conveyors, emissions controls, etc., is suffering from build-up or clogging, CET can design a cost effective solution.


    • CET is a part of a company that has spent over 100 years developing products and systems for virtually every manufacturing and process industry in the world. As manufacturers ourselves, we understand the importance of minimizing downtime and...

    • The Pulp & Paper industry faces intense cost pressures. By taking a comprehensive look at Pulp & Paper plants, CET is able to identify opportunities for efficiency gains in the areas of material handling, process stream filtration, and...

    • Wood processing plants face highly competitive markets and regulatory pressures. From material handling to process gas filtration to emissions control, CET helps wood processors operate consistently and efficiently.