Water Treatment

We manufacture water treatment equipment for municipal wastewater treatment centers, mobile treatment stations, and water treatment systems for industrial manufacturers and power plants.

We work directly with treatment plants to develop filtration and material handling solutions. CET also works with a variety of OEMs to design and manufacture other process solutions.

    Water Treatment Expertise

    • Standard amd customized filtration systems for cooling tower systems
    • Contract manufacturing services for dryer, press, and filtration equipment manufacturers
    • Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting services
    • Mechanical filtration for various water treatment application


    • CET is known for its collaboration with supply chain partners and other technology companies. OEMs trust CET to manufacture everything from critical component systems to complete finished goods. CET also helps OEMs with concept development, engineering drawings, and prototypes.

    • Whether filtering water or air streams, CET has the alloys and materials, mesh patterns, and mechanical systems to develop the optimal, plant-specific solution.


    • CET is known for working with supply chain partners and other technology companies to design and manufacture a variety of equipment including pollution controls, energy systems, dryers, and other process machinery.

    • Traveling Water Screens filter water to remove large debris in plant cooling tower systems. They help protect pumps and other sensitive equipment.

    • Cooling Tower Screens are a static mesh system that removes large debris from intake water in cooling tower systems. The screens include catch pockets to trap and collect the debris.