Pulp & Paper

The pulp and paper industry operates in an environment that has become more and more competitive.

CET offers products and solutions that are designed to give a competitive edge by maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime, maintenance costs, and waste.  By taking a comprehensive look at pulp and paper plants, CET is able to identify opportunities for efficiency gains in the areas of material handling, process stream filtration, and energy production.

    Pulp & Paper Expertise

    • Analysis of production and maintenance problems; design and implementation of custom solutions
    • Custom engineered process stream filtration and particulate removal
    • Wood-to-energy systems and emissions compliance
    • Complete material handling systems
    • Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting services


    • Whether filtering water or air streams, CET has the alloys and materials, mesh patterns, and mechanical systems to develop the optimal, plant-specific solution.

    • CET has been providing material handling solutions to manufacturers from dozens of industries for over 100 years. CET systems avoid the packing, clogging, and build-up that can be common with difficult feedstocks and materials.

    • Capturing and removing particulates is one of CET’s core competencies. Whether to achieve regulatory emissions compliance or to eliminate process problems caused by buildup, CET creates custom systems to help energy producers and manufacturers keep their plants running smoothly.


    • CET is a division of the world’s largest manufacturer of metal conveyor belts. CET conveyors are custom engineered to optimize our customers’ production processes.