CET has served the power plant and electric utility market for over 40 years.

We understand the cost pressures and regulatory challenges faced by coal-fired power plants.  Our solutions keep plants running smoothly and seamlessly.

    Power Expertise

    • Ash handling, filtration, and collection
    • Particulate control for the protection of SCRs and other sensitive equipment
    • Water filtration and protection of pumps and other cooling tower equipment
    • Contract manufacturing of equipment for various plant applications
    • Coordination with outage schedules and asset management companies
    • Accelerated lead times and rush shipments


    • Ash handling requires a specific type of material handling expertise. CET offers ash analysis to determine the best alloys and materials for custom engineered solutions. Mechanical systems with automated cleaning and passive screening systems are both available depending on specific plant needs.

    • CET is known for its collaboration with supply chain partners and other technology companies. OEMs trust CET to manufacture everything from critical component systems to complete finished goods. CET also helps OEMs with concept development, engineering drawings, and prototypes.

    • Whether filtering water or air streams, CET has the alloys and materials, mesh patterns, and mechanical systems to develop the optimal, plant-specific solution.

    • Capturing and removing particulates is one of CET’s core competencies. Whether to achieve regulatory emissions compliance or to eliminate process problems caused by buildup, CET creates custom systems to help energy producers and manufacturers keep their plants running smoothly.


    • Ash screens filter ash at the boiler seal trough and/or expansion joints. Flexible mesh screens eliminate thermal fatigue and warping, and they are easy to install.

    • Ash screens filter ash at the boiler seal trough and/or expansion joints. Rigid panel screens create a seal in the trough to protect against gas leakage.

    • LPA Screens protect the SCR by filtering and screening large particle ash. They are designed to comply with pressure drop restrictions.

    • Traveling Water Screens filter water to remove large debris in plant cooling tower systems. They help protect pumps and other sensitive equipment.

    • Cooling Tower Screens are a static mesh system that removes large debris from intake water in cooling tower systems. The screens include catch pockets to trap and collect the debris.

    • Trash Racks by CET are designed to block the heaviest debris at the intake points for power plant cooling tower systems. Exceptionally durable, CET Trash Racks protect plant equipment from rocks, trees and branches, and trash.