CET specializes in both liquid and gas filtration systems.

Many of the world's best-known breweries and wineries use CET's filtration technology.  CET water filtration technology is also used at wastewater treatment plants and many of the nation's largest power plants.

Hot gas filtration systems from CET help manufacturing and processing companies keep their plants running smoothly.  The most challenging particulates can be removed from process streams to prevent buildup on equipment and costly maintenance and downtime.

    Filtration Expertise

    • Custom engineered systems
    • Material analysis to determine the best alloys and materials
    • Mechanical filtration and automated cleaning systems
    • Mesh / wire cloth passive filtration systems
    • Experience with extreme heat, sticky particulates, acidity, and other environmental challenges


    • CET is a part of a company that has spent over 100 years developing products and systems for virtually every manufacturing and process industry in the world. As manufacturers ourselves, we understand the importance of minimizing downtime and...

    • Power plants must be more efficient and cost-conscious than ever due to regulatory pressures. CET has over 40 years of industry experience to help keep your plant running smoothly.

    • The Pulp & Paper industry faces intense cost pressures. By taking a comprehensive look at Pulp & Paper plants, CET is able to identify opportunities for efficiency gains in the areas of material handling, process stream filtration, and...

    • CET works directly with wastewater treatment plants, utilities, and manufacturers to develop material handling and filtration solutions. CET also works with OEMs to design and implement various process solutions.

    • Wood processing plants face highly competitive markets and regulatory pressures. From material handling to process gas filtration to emissions control, CET helps wood processors operate consistently and efficiently.


    • Ash screens filter ash at the boiler seal trough and/or expansion joints. Flexible mesh screens eliminate thermal fatigue and warping, and they are easy to install.

    • Ash screens filter ash at the boiler seal trough and/or expansion joints. Rigid panel screens create a seal in the trough to protect against gas leakage.

    • LPA Screens protect the SCR by filtering and screening large particle ash. They are designed to comply with pressure drop restrictions.

    • Traveling Water Screens filter water to remove large debris in plant cooling tower systems. They help protect pumps and other sensitive equipment.